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This web site is to  unite  worldwide  buyers of meat , vegetables, grain,  cosmetics  and products  with Australian  farmer producers.

We are  your AGRI-MATES-Selling direct to Muslim customers and worldwide markets with full attention given to Animal Welfare.

By cutting out the middle man  sellers & buyers alike save.

Our services are free to both parties- no obligation.        



Picture taken at Macleay River Kempsey


If you're a Farmer interested to find out more about selling direct to overseas buyers click here


An Invitation to buyers of Halal meat

Instead of buying your  meat through a middle man why not meet with the farmers direct. We also service other markets in many countries.

Halal Kind Meats (HKM) is happy to arrange for your company to visit Aussie Farmers to deal direct and tour our Halal Accredited Abattoirs.

We work with the Australian Peak Leaders of Muslim affairs advising The Australian Government.  HKM is committed to creating jobs for Australian especially regional areas.