Halal Kind Meats  (HKM) is a joint venture with  People Against Live Export (PALE) in conjunction with RSPCA QLD & Australian Federation Of Islamic  Councils (AFIC) since 2003. AFIC entered into a MOU in 2005 on Australian Farmers projects which has extended to a JV  partnership. Its main objective is providing  100% Halal products for Muslim  communities & to  ensure that animals are treated  with kindness from paddock  to plate & to create Australian jobs.

Our Services Include :

  • Consultation for investors & introductions to Australian  farmers  at grass root level.
  • Exploring opportunities for both parties to reopen Abattoirs  in Australia for export worldwide.
  • Advise to Halal consumers with Halal enquiries
  • HKM advises  Aussie farmers in communication with buyers.
  • Provide Halal accreditation to the food industry
  • Advise to Abattoir operators.
  • Provision of educational materials for the public.
  • Communicates with Regional areas & Indigenous committees to train and create employment  
  • Consultation for Halal Free Range Beef, Goat, Chicken, Lamb farms & plants in conjunction with overseas investors & Australian Farmers.




ACT Australia Day Ambassador and President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ikebal Patel

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc (AFIC).

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) has had 47 proud years as Australia's only Islamic peak body.

Today AFIC is responsible for halal food products certification . AFIC is the only single Islamic Halal Certifier that operates Nationally (all the States and Territories of Australia) for Halal Certification.

Accepted by all Muslim countries and Halal importing regions as a reputable Halal-certifying agency in Australia.

AFIC have quietly been working to  improve Animal Welfare for many years and to create jobs for Australians.

President Mr Ikebal Patel lodged the first submission to the Senate Animal Welfare Enquiry To The Australian Government  in 2003 together with HKM PALE RSPCA QLD. This is something all Muslims people  can be proud of.  Pls Support the President of AFIC Mr. Ikebal Patel in his tireless efforts to improve Animal Welfare.


Supporting  HKM;
Mark Townsend
Jan and Gart Keppie
George Czaus
Antje Struthmann
Branco Rasic
R. Cochrane
Directors AICOL
Meat Technician


Wendy Lewthwaite


Director and founder of Halal Kind Meats . Wendy also  operates  State Security and Investigation and is the President of (PALE) People Against Live Exports in conjunction with RSPCA QLD. Wendy addressed a full council of AFIC travelling alone in 2003 at the invitation of the then  CEO Amjad Mehboob CEO AFIC.  She was greatly relieved if not somewhat surprised, to find members of AFIC very supportive  on Banning Live Exports. They spoke of the Koran and deep concern for Animal Cruelty and also  expressed  disappointment by some media outlets who blamed Muslims and the Koran in general for the Cruel Live animal Trade. The President of AFIC in  2006 Dr Ameer Ali  released   the following.



From there wearing the PALE cap ( People Against Live Exports) with was formed in conjunction with RSPCA QLD  Wendy met with AMIEU  leaders Mr Tom Hannan. Tom  hosted the PALE petition on the Federal AMIEU site where it remains today. Mr Hannan wrote several reports on the cruelty and damage the live animal trade did to Australian jobs. He expressed his regret that he was to retire soon but remains in touch. Wendy was surprised to hear  that in 35 years of being Federal Leader of AMIEU  wendy was the first Animal Welfare Org to have sought him out .   Tom chaired  the HKM meeting with Wendy  and State Leaders of  AMIEU  together with AFIC Amjad Mehboob,  also in attendance    Senator Bartlett,  Premier  Beattie Staff RSPCA QLD Mr Mark Townend  supporting HKM AFIC in meetings with QLD Government.


Tom Hannan Retired A.M.I.E.U. Federal Secretary
Adviser Supporting HKM
Amjad Ali Mehboob, Former  Chief Executive Officer, AFIC
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AMIEU New Federal Leader  Ross Richardson and State Members  Federal  Leader of AMIEU ( seen back left hand side) took the Reins as Federal Leader.

AMIEU  Chief  Mr Richardson   in conjunction with PALE AFIC HKM RSPCA QLD met with Delegates to  discuss the HKM programme on the Gold Coast in 2005.


P O Box 439
Avalon NSW 2107

(02) 9973 1728
Facsimile: (02) 9973 1729

Thursday, 5 January 2006

“ Humane Society International is in full support of the HKM, PALE, AFIC initiative to create a more humane life for farm animals and to improve slaughter techniques. The establishment of Humane Halal abattoirs is a giant step in the right direction. We look forward to an opportunity to work with them in the future to achieve these goals.”

Verna Simpson – Director – Humane Society International


The group from State Government of Johor Bahru (Malaysia)  were:                              

Dato Dr Hj Ibrahim Bin Endantd CEO, Johor Islamic Religious Council

Dato S.S. Hj Nooh bin Gadut Mufti, State of Johor

Tuan Hj. Mahmood Hj Hashim General Manager, Johor Islamic Corporation

Muhammad Zakaria Manap CEO, ICMC Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.

Dr Hj Md Luckmal Hakim Director, ICMC Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.

Md. Israk Bin Abdullah Director, ICMC Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.

Asmadi Bin Md. Rahani Operation Manager, ICMC Healthcare Sdn. Bhd


Bradley Saunders
A/Assistant Director
Partnerships and Innovation
Strategic Partnerships Office
Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy                                                                                     

Ross Richardson and State Members Federal Leader of AMIEU
(Australian Meat Industry Employment Union)

Mr Mark Townend
(Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Bob Macleod
President of Small Abattoir Association

Amjad Mehboob

Fazel Rihim
AFIC State Supervisor Queensland

Mr Martin Cloete
Office of the Premier State Development and Innovation

Wendy Lewthwaite
Halal Kind Meats and People Against Live Exports in conjunction with RSPCA QLD

Graham Dillion
Aboriginal Chief Elder - Elder Leader

Antje Struthmann
People Against Live Exports Secretary

Garth Keppie
Director of AICOL

Jan Keppie
Director of AICOL

The group visited Australia at the invitation of the AFIC investigating the possibility of investing in meat works/plants (with joint venture partners) The group is due to arrive in Brisbane/Gold Coast on 24 May 2005 and  departed on 26 May 2005.



WA producers form halal venture with Malaysia - 
rom the rural news

A group of West Australian producers has formed a joint venture with Malaysia, to supply the world with halal meat products.

The Wheatbelt Growers Co-operative from Dowerin has signed an agreement with the Perak State Development Corporation to provide 100,000 sheep and 16,000 cattle each year.

Perak wants to become the world distributor of halal food to Muslim countries, with a potential market of 300 billion people.

Chief Minister Tajol Rosli says that'll provide a valuable alternative for Australia's live export trade.

"As it is now, halal food from Malaysia is recognised throughout the world.

"There are some countries that produce halal food, but it is not recognised, especially by the Middle East.

"If it's marketed as Australian, then the recognition by the Muslim countries would not be as good as if it is marketed from Malaysia."

This is a transcript from the ABC National Rural News that is broadcast daily to all states on ABC Regional Radio's Country Hour and in the city on ABC News Radio.

As Muslim leaders AFIC Passed a motion in Congress almost  three years ago=