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Australian Farmers are the Back Bone of the Country. Help us to help you.
Let's stop our country towns closing because of Lack of Jobs for our Kids.
Let's turn Australia around like it used to be in the old days.


If  you looked at any other threads on this site you already  know we have contacts with overseas buyers.  Not just Middle East but worldwide.  It’s up to you guys but we would love to bring the buyers to meet you face to face to your farms  ah. No pressure to do anything and no hidden cost. What’s the catch I hear you ask. No catch. We work independent  of just about every organisation set up through Government or MLA Austrade, Farmers Federation and any others you can think of. You might ask why- Well let’s put that question another way – why not. When we look at a farmers needs one thing is clear they need buyers. Then  look at the buyers- they need farmers and producers.

Some of you might say yeh but we  are only farmers and not used to big business deals  and find that step scary. Others might not have a problem with that but no idea how to get good contacts of buyers  overseas - and even if they did-- say to themselves- but how do I know if I can trust these buggers. I assure  you the buyers feel just as insecure very often. So how do we join the dots. I suppose farmers need  a guarantee of ongoing orders at good fair prices, in order to have security.

 By working with  your fellow farmers you  to have enough supply for the buyers.  Then let the buyers come to your farms and talk to you direct. From there you can see if there is something both parties come up with that might make you interested – or not. No harm done if you want to stick with your old  wolf in sheep’s clothing the agents and middle men.

On the other hand if  you would like some of the prices the middle man is making from your hard work  then – then welcome aboard. Tell us where the closet  old Abattoir is in your areas- even if it’s an old domestic plant. If there are none then  maybe with your local knowledge you can suggest a good parcel of land suitable for a plant.

We arrange all the export licences and accreditations. You can either be involved in being a share holder or arrange contract kills for your partners. Before you jump to conclusions  NO we don’t ask the farmer to put in any funds. I said partners because the buyer has now become your partner.  Together  you work united on setting  prices because it’s not only your lives that have changed its your buyers as well. They are no longer just buying the meat to supply their own needs- they are now exporting meat to sell worldwide.

You of course can be involved in this too. So you’re not just a  farmer, your now a farmer producer and  worldwide exporter. Of course if you only wish to just supply stock that’s open to you too. I want to make it clear nobody has to sell their farms out. This isn’t a take over . It’s just a better way for you to do business direct with  buyers so you get more.

 For supply to the Middle East we need  goat farms and Abattoirs. There are few goat farms in Australia but the demand is huge and a growing market. We want people in the areas  where the wild goat are caught to get involved. ATM they are being trucked fifteen hundred miles and more. We will build a  series of plants right across Australia. As you probably know Muslims eat goat and  the Halal industry is a multi trillion $ industry and growing. Aussie  farmers can cash in on that but not by being victims of the middle men- but by being their own men and women. Demand for Free Range Beef Chicken is in very high in the  ME and Muslim countries, There are many other markets that want to deal direct with Aussie farmers. Our buyers worldwide want free range products.  We take free range creek fed direct from the farms to the plants. We don’t deal with feed lots. If you take a look at the way USA are going-on this link below it will give you some understanding which way this Multi Trillion $ industry is  going- hence my approach to Aussie So here Keep your small farms- unite together  to supply this market and others direct.


We do support farmers in times of drought fire floods in a very real way. Remember your buyers now are your partners so it is in their interests to look after you- the farmer especially the stock. We  are  big believers however in being as prepared as possible. They like to have holding tanks of water and raise big flood mounds just in case. Feed is always stored on the farms as well. This is a backup service and does not  mean YOU have to pay for  all of these costs yourself.

You have nothing to lose and if after you meet with buyers direct your not interested a good day was had by all. Middle Eastern  buyers in  particular  LOVE to visit farms to see the rolling hills green grass and they love trees. In their country they have a lot of sand  & given the choice of visiting a real Aussie farm or visiting a Gold Coast beach the farmers wins every time hands down.


This project is in memory and a tribute to  Stan Lewthwaite.



Stan Lewthwaite was born in Kempsey 1911.

He was one of the original pioneers of this country along with his father Frank.

Stan passed away on the Gold Coast this year.

In his younger days Slim Dusty used to ride with him when Slim was only a slip of a kid and learned much. He was a bullock team driver, farmer, amongst other things. A bushy through and through. Always reckoned he could never understand city folk getting lost in the bush because every tree was different and every tree looked different.
He was a great believer in share farming.

Wendy Lewthwaite Director of the Halal Kind Meats Company was also born in Kempsey.
Due to her father’s knowledge of farming, and sense of common decency and the wisdom of Phoebe their mother- both surviving daughters are able to reach out to speak to the international community while staying in contact with the grass roots folk.
Jan Stan`s eldest daughter is a lawyer running a Language School and an International Educational Farm Stay.
http://www.mysterymountain.com.au http://www.aicol.com.au"

The family have followed in the tradition of farming, combined with grass roots and international communication skills.





Wendy Lewthwaite